Whoops, I ruined my good eating today, I’ll just eat like crap. Is like saying, “Oops. Dropped my iPhone. I’ll just smash it into bits.”


I’ve talked to multiple people about working out and time management. In my mind I do what’s in my power to get my workouts in, always, but know some days are just filled with things that are more important that day. Like cuddling a sick baby, or getting groceries, or attending night fellowship. I used to feel like if I didn’t do my full 110% 30 min workout there was no point (much like food: if I messed up one bite I kissed the whole day or week goodbye). But much of my routine has changed and I know even five minutes of something good makes a difference. So while I shower I calf raise; while I cook I squat, while I bathe children I push up, while I drive I do ab squeezes. I make it work with what I have. A miss of a workout or meal does not equal destruction. Allowing it to consume your next 24 hours or 7 days—does. It’s not “dang-guess I’ll try again tomorrow!” It’s “I wonder how many squats I can do during a 30 second microwave for my kids’ dinner”, (No judgment on microwaving kids dinner on occasion 😳) or “my NEXT bite is going to be something that fuels me”. Life = flexibility. And even more so, one mistake does not equal defeat, or an opportunity to start again the next day, week, or month. Rather, it offers the chance to start over the next second! Change that defeated mentality. Make your NOW be your new “tomorrow”!


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