Praise for Heartland Whole Health

The gals I work with are the reason I am here and so LOVE what I do. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about their journey with me.

“I have watched Jayci as a therapist and watched her transform back to a healthy body after her baby. I looked at what she did and had no doubt she could and WOULD help me. She is a professional, but it is “Jayci” that drew me in. Jayci as a person is all heart. It is rare to find someone willing to give like she does and find yourself completely trusting them. I’ve had trainers before it wasn’t fun, but a chore. It was all about them telling me to lift this, do this, push this, Period. I always left thinking “Why am I paying them? I could google this?”. Well you can not google the caring dedication Jayci gives. As you reach each hurdle with tears, anger, frustration, or excitement you are never alone.”

“Those of you who know me, know that being healthy is super important to me. Jayci has created a program that is easy to follow, she is there to motivate you and encourage you throughout the process. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to get back on track and look forward to this upcoming challenge!”

“If you are struggling, Jayci is the one! Her one on one 6 week program is set up for you personally. She is there at all times. And I truly mean that! I have struggled in more than one area and I can truly say I’m beginning to find peace 💛 I still have a long way to go, but in the 4 weeks working with Jayci she has given so many tools, ideas and suggestions to get thru each struggle I may be going thru. So glad to be on this journey and to have Jayci as my coach! 😊

“Having the support group was so helpful! And the fact that you’re so approachable! Your one-on-one help was just what I needed!”

“On a whim, I decided to take Jayci up on the challenge. I needed to do something different. In a matter of three weeks, I’m eating balanced meals; I don’t feel tired; and I’m seeing results! This has been a much easier transition than I anticipated. I can’t wait to continue this lifestyle change!”

“I liked the one on one help and encouragement. I’m going to continue with the same workout program. I really like it!”

“Having the ‘accountability’ and the printed workouts was the most helpful for me!”

“Thank you for what you do! I feel ten years younger and so excited to continue! I appreciate how you treat your challenge as a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix!”

Reviews from the free Facebook Group

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“Hey lady! Just wanted to drop a note quick to thank you again for getting me started on a healthy lifestyle! Actually not just me my family is on board too!! (Kids weren’t as excited) but we all are doing great! I’m down 10lbs and getting stonger! I feel amazing! So thank you thank you!!”

“Learning a different way to view everything around me changed everything for me! From learning to look at food and exercising differently, to discovering some of that underneath, uncomfortable stuff that was holding me back-and that I didn’t even know about! That is the best thing about the group for me.”