Cut the crap. Crappy mindset, that is.


Excuse my language. But no. I am not talking about crappy foods. I’m talking about crappy MINDSET! Getting healthy has everything and nothing to do with food and fitness. It’s more about the shift in thinking than ANYTHING else. Tell me 3 phrases you think of when you think of “getting healthy”. Here’s what I’ve had people tell me:
stressful. deprived. fear. weight loss. fasting. diet. (umm, that’s die with a t, ya’ll). cheat. frustrating. calorie counting. yo-yo. cleanse. SACRIFICE (UGHHHH. I loathe when people use this).

My head is swirling and I feel sad. Negative words illicit negative feelings which then illicit negative behaviors (uhh, hello yo-yo). Throw that ALL away! Why does “getting healthy” have to feel like a drag? A punch in the gut? A yo-yo of inconsistencies that can’t be long-term? I am here to do away with all of that. When you think of getting healthy, here are some words I want you to associate with now. In Control. More energy. Looking in the mirror and LOVING it. Consistency. Treating yourself. Success. Sustainable. Confidence. Accountability. Lean. Fulfilling. Balance. Oh, baby my positivity is booming and I could go on and on. But it’s a fact of life that your negative or positive outlook is going to snowball, and in turn, affect COMPLETELY your “getting healthy” (however that may look to you).

This is such an important facet that I think people quickly overlook when trying to feel better physically. All of our health is intertwined together! They go hand in hand. It’s one of the things I pride myself so much on. Heartland Whole Health is NOT just a “fitness program for women that want to lose weight”. It’s about a shift in mindset. It’s about loving you for who you are and WHERE you are. And it’s about using that love to know you can do and be better and working towards that on a daily basis.

*Mic drop, lecture over. But seriously. Take this advice. Own it. It’s one of the most important facets to WHOLE health!

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