Don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror? Wish you had more energy and didn’t need to reach for the 2PM caffeine rush to get through? Ever wonder what it would be like to live life with your family the way you’d like to? In a world of shaming and negativity, many people feel distraught and uncomfortable about themselves.

I know how you feel. You start a journey to a better you, fall off the wagon, and end up beating yourself up and feeling worse than when you began.. You yo-yo and feel inconsistent in your growth. You can’t figure out what the secret to feeling excited to live in your body is, while loads of  women around you are excelling while you’re stuck at ground zero. You don’t get why you’re not hitting your goals. It feels like there will be no end to the struggle.

I’ve been there myself. Feeling like I wasn’t enough, and feeling guilty when I tried to take time for myself. At a loss for how to make my body look and do what I wanted it to. I tried the weight loss programs, supplements, and self-help books.

But after trying program after program, years of stress and frustration, making progress and then returning back to where I started, I learned that it wasn’t about what my physical body was doing, but what my emotional health looked like. It wasn’t until I learned to love myself and believe it was possible for me that I saw change.

My passion to change my own perspective and life, developed into helping empower women to do the same for themselves. I beta-tested a three week program with 35 women that not only stepped them through the education of what and how to eat and exercise, but how to understand the stress surrounding it all. This has led to women who build a love for themselves that runs through all avenues of their lives- without feeling like they have to commit hours of time!

From that LIVE LEAN, my 12 week program to living fully and looking fit was born. LIVE LEAN isn’t for women who want a quick fix. It’s not for gals that are going to the beach next month and need to get there fast. The 12 week program is all about sustainability, success and long-term change. My passion is getting you to your goal and helping you stay there.

With LIVE LEAN you’ll learn:

  • how to change your eating habits while still feeling satisfied
  • how to get excited about your fitness without it affecting time with your family  
  • and how to change your perspective on your whole health and how to change your life

You’ll also receive:

  •      An Ebook laying out the guidelines for nutrition, fitness, and mentality
  •      Weekly one hour consultation with me where we will modify your program as needed, discuss challenges and triumphs, and confront the mindset you currently have about your whole health (this is where we work on overcoming stress, sleep issues, grief, negative self-image, etcetera)
  •      Daily interaction and check-ins to keep you accountable
  •      Weekly journaling probes that create a positive mentality (I will step you through how to master your mental health, specifically stress and negative thinking, which has everything to do with your physical health!)
  •      Modification to your program so it suits your needs and keeps you inspired and motivated!
  •      A way to eat that leaves you able to indulge in the things you love and the activities with family and friends you enjoy and feels 100% manageable long-term!
  •      30 minute workouts 5x a week that can be done from home and make you want to work-out!
  •      How to incorporate LIVE LEAN with your whole family

If you’re the woman who’s feeling distraught and frustrated, but who hasn’t yet lost HOPE in the possibility that you can feel great about your body your spirits dwell in, then I’d like to support you.  I’m looking for women that know they need a change but just aren’t sure where to find it. I want to work with you if you’ve struggled in the past, but you still have that drive to succeed and are motivated by support and accountability.

If you’d like to find out if we are a good fit for reaching your goals, email me at to set up a coaching call. However, email today because I have limited spots available. 

I can guarantee a change in WHOLE health (physical body and emotional well-being), or you can cancel your consultations at any time. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I want to see you succeed and believe in LIVE LEAN, so if you feel as if you have not received significant value, quit at anytime and you are not bound to the remaining weeks of your consultation.

Nothing excites me more than watching women transform into who and what they want to be. I am so grateful to work with women and see them progress on their journey! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I can’t wait to hear from you and help you conquer your goals and fears too!