Well, you’re here! I’m so excited that you are! But, let me guess. You’ve been searching for a long time for that “right thing” to help you get to the next part of your health journey, huh? You’re looking for more energy, mental clarity, time for yourself without feeling guilty, to fit in your clothes in the back of your closet (maybe pre-maternity?). How do I know? I have totally been in your shoes! But I am so excited you’ve taken the first step. YES. The first step is being here with me! You can master the fear of starting on another health journey (this one will be so much different, I promise), gain the clarity and knowledge of what in the world to do to get to where you want to be, and take control of your stressors that are overwhelming your daily life. I’ve since slayed all these goals and can’t wait to show you how too! But first, let me tell you my story of losing 54 lbs (not done yet!).

I started my first trimester of pregnancy (spring 2014) in the gym. I have been overweight my whole life, but always active. I just had that extra 10-20 pounds I couldn’t rid. Anyway, I started the pregnancy lifting lower weights and walking. I ate fairly well. My second trimester came along, and I was more fatigued, in a busier season of life, and things began to dwindle. By my third trimester I was taking EVERYONE’S advice of, “The baby needs more food” or, “You deserve to indulge while you’re pregnant”. I ate whatever, whenever, wherever, and rarely exercised. By month 9 I had gained a total of 35 and was already 15 lbs overweight. Out comes baby Graysen… and this is where it gets interesting. I came home from the hospital HEAVIER than when I went in. What? No one EVER told me that was even a remote possibility. A few close family members told me as soon as the epidural and water weight wore off, that would go away. My son was just under 7 lbs. By week 3 post partum, I had only lost 4 lbs. I was much more worried about his weight than mine at that time, but started what I thought was a semi-healthy nutrition regimen. By month 3 post-partum, breastfeeding Mama and all, I had only lost 2 more lbs. So…pretty much the weight of my son! I started to get really depressed, thinking about all the women who breast fed and lost it all, or who lose quite a bit just having their children. I was jealous. I had a bitter heart. It wasn’t until months later (after trying multiple programs with some physical success, but not a lot of mental success) that my heart started to change. I started to recognize the reasoning behind why I was carrying all this weight (truly and metaphorically). My mentality began to change, I started loving being the Mom who was working towards bettering herself, and I started to put more faith in the idea that being healthy meant more than being skinny. My what became my WHY and that took me a lot further. I started adapting programs, listening to my body, and CHANGING MY THOUGHT PATTERNS. I started recognizing why I eat poor foods, what I thought those foods gave to me, and how I needed to control other arenas in my world to let go of what I thought was control over food (it really wasn’t). I started loving differently. And people started noticing! They saw a shift in my energy. I came in excited for the day and dropped into bed satisfied with all the things I had done professionally AND personally with my family. I started feeling like I had time to give to friends I hadn’t invested into in a while. I wasn’t feeling guilty or ashamed in taking small chunks of daily time for me, which in turn led me to be a greater Mom, wife, friend, and Jesus lover. I started pumping myself up when I looked in the mirror, instead of tearing myself down. I knew what I needed to do to remain healthy, and I did things like vacation (fully indulging, loving, and relaxing) and still lost 2 pounds while there. Everything was simplified and healthy became this consistent, happy, routine I ENJOYED every  minute of. My five year old began saying things like, “You’re so happy!” and “I can’t wait to be old and like to workout and cook like you!” (Yeah, yeah, I tried to ignore the old part. Ha). 

Flash forward to now-I’ve developed a 6 week program, including fitness, nutrition, mindset change and accountability with me that was beta-tested with 35 three week challengers, and now with many women who have gone through the whole program! My passion has grown from changing my life, to helping empower women to change theirs!  I strive to help women like you get to where you want to be and overcome the perspective that you can’t! Because you totally can! After over a decade of lots of programs, struggles and frustration, I am here to tell you it’s all possible if you have the right mindset (and someone to walk along side you to challenge you and educate you on the right nutrition and fitness exercises).

 You may be here to change your physical body, but I can guarantee we are going to change your WHOLE body, inside and out. I truly believe you have the capability of doing so once given the right tools. Do you believe it?

I love meeting new ladies and learning about their goals and dreams! Use my contact page to introduce yourself! Can’t wait to meet you!

-Jayci Kuhns has a master’s degree in social work and is LISW credentialed. She is a psychotherapist for adults, families and children and has a passion for connecting mental health with physical health to create success.